The Time We Have Left


Time is an interesting concept to think about, isn’t it? We usually think about TIME, as, “I’m running out of time”, or “I’m running late”, or “Oh, I’ve got a few minutes here….”, or “what time is it?”, or “How much time do I have, before I have to…?” But it’s not very often that we actually take a moment or two to think of the time we have on this earth. I think when we do that it’s such a big disservice to ourselves. I wonder if we would take more moments to think of the time we may or may not have on this earth, if we would have better focus and clarity of what our role, our calling is before we move on to glory. Would we just allow God in more and really allow Him to take over our lives knowing it is all for Him anyway, being more humble, more real, more honest, just more transparent and authentic.




Within this past month, I had a friend die, and not even a month later her dad died, both of them leaving her mom, his wife, and her sister, his daughter behind and all the countless friends and family. I know it has been hard on all and most wishing they could have had more time with them. And you wonder if they were truly ready to go, did they live the life they were called to do?

A connection that I have through Facebook a young lady reached out to me, she is recently divorced and her ex-husband is dying, she is so divested and  hoped he would come back to her and their kids before he passes away, she also just found out she has cancer.  I was so surprised she reached out to me, I really don’t know who she is or how we even got to be ‘friends’ on Facebook, we really never communicated on Facebook maybe a couple of times at the most. But through some of her postings I could see her life spinning out of control and she being lost, in the dust. It broke my heart seeing this and I would pray for her. Then all of a sudden out of the blue, she private messaged me to ask me to pray for her. I wanted to say I already am, but I, didn’t I just loved on her and gave her encouraging words, scripture and spiritual songs to connect with. It all came from God, because when she reached out to me in her desperation, I just melted, and thought what in the world could I say to this young woman that is already going through so much in her life to give her encouragement, and I lifted my head up looking towards the sky asked God to intervene and take over because there is no way I had anything for her. He didn’t fail, and he continues to reach out to her through me today. And she is being encouraged and blessed by it. How good is that!


I’m not sure really why she reached out to me, of all the people on Facebook she could of reached out to she reached out to me. The only thing I can think back to something I posted a while ago and she commented on it and said I was so encouraged and had such a beautiful spirit about me and thanked me for my posts.


So it has made me think back on this journey I started a couple of years or so to really find me and who I am, to find my voice. I have known deep inside that I’m met for a lot more that I could ever think up or dream of and knew I am missing out on my life. I’m in my 40s now and that has been discouraging to me, I feel so behind in what I was placed on this earth here to do. I have been so upset, frustrated, and disappointed in myself. Why have I wasted so much time? Why was I so fearful in moving in any direction? Now that I’m in my 40s and my life could be half over what could I possibly do now with no real experience in anything I would love to do.


How God answers


Even though I was really asking these questions to myself, God stepped in and asked (because He loves to answer with questions…) “Why are you focusing on the past, and why not now?” And then He went on to say “you are still here my child and I still have plans, you still have your journey, you do not need to worry if you have the tools or not, because I do, I am here for you, I will not put you down a path that I cannot sustain you on, it is Me who is at work not you, so are you going to sit there and have a pity party and make excuses for yourself or are you going to start where you are right now and get on this path I have for you, I only ask you to take one step at a time.”  Such comfort, compassion, and love from Him, how could I  say no! I was truly relieved and overjoyed and felt blessed beyond measure that this is God’s and He is taking care of it, He’s got this. And excited to be a part of something that is way bigger than me! What a way to live your life, knowing you are actually doing something that matters because it’s all God.


One of my first steps was to post only positive, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting post on Facebook. As of right now I only have my personal page, but thought it was a great place to start. I know it may seem the littlest of things and why in the world would I start a place like Facebook, what a waste of time and no less on your personal page.  Yes, I had my doubts too, but I knew in a way that yes, it may seem such a small and maybe insignificant task to do, but that is what my first step was to be. So I carried on.


It has grown in other parts of my life as well, being more positive, and even happier in my life that I know my husband, kids, and other people around me can see the difference. And I know it will grow into even a bigger movement through business and ministry.


But this young lady reaching out to me shows me that I got on the right track, I  am reaching out to the people and they are noticing, they may not acknowledge me or my post, but they see it and if and when something so divesting as the young lady came to me with what is happing in their life, they know I am there and have light and hope that I can share with them, so they just might take the chance that this young lady did and reach out in their desperation. And that, my friend, is well worth it, even if it just turns out that she is the only one that reaches out. I have been so humbled that this young lady reached out to me and have been so blessed and thankful that God has set me to be there for her and maybe other people who need Him and I humbly shine His light so they can find Him when they are ready in their life.


Now this is just a step of a big journey that I am taking my steps on in the path God has lead me to be on. And as I am growing on this journey I am realizing more and more that it is not my time, but God’s time, and I am His vessel. He has placed me on this earth  to shine His light so people will gravitate towards Him, and I have the honor to help these people through and help them to see they need a living Savior, Christ Jesus.

So, I ask, if you stopped for a moment and rid of all the noise, busyness and craziness and think where you are at right now and think of the time you have left in your life, do you know your true calling, are you on the journey and the path that you truly need to be on? Are you taking those steps, whether the first steps or maybe you’ve traveled a ways now, are you still going? Are you going the right direction or have you veered off a little? What truly are you supposed to be doing in your life, with the time you have left? Be honest and answer yourself about your time being well spent here today, tomorrow and beyond? What are you doing right now that you know without a doubt this is it, this is what I am here for, this is the journey and the path I need to be leading.


I know I still have a long way to go, but I’m encouraged every day that there is a plan and a future for me and so excited to be on the journey now looking down the path and being able to see just a tad bit of where my path is going, it’s an amazing life and I can’t express how beyond exciting it is to take those steps, to be on the path, to see it, to journey on and trust that everything will be alright, no, it may not be perfect, but it all will be alright.

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I wrote this about a year ago and so much has happened since then.  I have had another friend lose their young life,  so It was nice to find this article and reflect what was going on in my life then and what is going on in my life now, just by taking some small steps and continuing with small steps, even with the small steps it is amazing what happens within just a year! It gives you so much peace and a joy filled life that you know you are following the path that has been set before you from and for God.
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